What To Do With Your Dream When You’re Dealing with Crisis

Episode 107 · September 10th, 2018 · 52 mins 26 secs

About this Episode

Bizdom Episode! Today Steph and Megan answer a question that will apply to every entrepreneur at one point in their business building journey.

Courage & Clarity Community member Brigitte has recently discovered that her father has Alzheimers and she will be traveling more to be with her parents, all while raising her children and running her business.

Her question is:

*“How can she work and stay focused on her mission while she has family slow but irreversible crisis to focus on?”

Many listeners of this podcast can relate. Business builders are do-ers, go-getters and used to being in control and “making things happen”. The knee-jerk reaction is to make space and carry on like the crisis isn’t happening.

In the Courage episode we discuss mindset adjustments for challenging times:

*How to adjust your energy levels during times of crisis.
*Affirmations to help get you through
*Why you absolutely need separation between yourself and your business

In the Clarity episode we discuss four tactical ways to approach your business in times of crisis:

*A/B Weeks
*Batching content and adjusting schedule to take full week off
*Minimum Viable Effort
*Minimum Viable Income

The truth is, we’re all going to face a challenging time in our business and personal life. But if we’re honest with ourselves in how much we can give and strategic in how we schedule ourselves, we can truly design our lifestyle businesses to fit our needs.