From No Idea to Sold Out Group Program in Two Months

Episode 111 · October 8th, 2018 · 40 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

Meet Kalissa Scopes, an incredible student of mine with an inspiring entrepreneurial story to share. In this episode we discuss how her hard work in my course Crickets to Customers has paid off. She went from unsure if she even had a business idea to filling ten spots in her first small group program in under two months!

Kalissa specializes in race equity and her new business can be found at She is committed to supporting fellow white people in their anti-racism work.

In her Courage episode you'll hear

  • The challenges she faced after being laid off from her government job of 15 years
  • The long path of self-doubt she faced in her desire to build her own business
  • Why she based her business on this incredibly important topic

In her Clarity episode she shares

  • Why she chose Crickets to Customers even after being disappointed with other business courses
  • How she followed the steps of the course like a recipe and refused to deviate from the lessons
  • Her transformation from uncertainty to running her first small group program with confidence

Kalissa's story will really hit home for anyone hoping to build an online business but worried that their topic doesn't fit the mold.