How to Totally Stand Out in a Crowded Market with Shunta Grant

Episode 119 · December 10th, 2018 · 56 mins 12 secs

About this Episode

Today on the show Shunta Grant shares a hefty dose of inspiration to follow your flow and create a life you truly love. She's a master at creating and nurturing loyal customers and her business decisions come from the heart.

Shunta is the owner of Because of Zoe, a hair bow company she started on accident before she left her job as a lawyer Hear how she leverages connection and community within her fan base and creates what she calls her Loyal League.

In her Clarity episode we dig into her action packed advice to get to the other side of busy, which she's turned into her second successful business!

  • Why you should start with you life priorities before you business priorities
  • How to create harmony inyour business and life
  • Why simplifying and streamlining youroffering and processes is essential to your success
  • The differenence between setting goals and defining them