How to Declutter Your Desk (and Keep it That Way!) with Jen Rao

Episode 122 · December 31st, 2018 · 46 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

Start 2019 with a clean slate and a clear desk! My guest this week is Jen Rao, and she's here to help you turn your home office space into an uncluttered area of inspiration. One where you can build your business with confidence and without the stress of never being able to find anything!

*In this episode you’ll get clarity on how to clear your desk and keep it that way:

  • Intentions: we discuss how to set a strong emotion based intention, which is the key to creating sustainable results. And for my woo-woo naysayers out there, hang with us through this mindset work. Jen and I get deep into how this practice can create concrete results for you!
  • Projects: learn how to break down your office space into smaller, more manageable projects to beat overwhelm and see results quickly.
  • Habits: once you’ve put in the effort of clearing your office space, learn how habits are the secret to keeping your space just how you want it!
  • As we hit the new year running, let’s forget about trying to become something we’re not, or striving for picture perfect ideals that may always be out of reach. This episode will inspire you to create your best space, while working with and appreciating what you’ve already got.