How to Detect Early on That You're Headed For a Flop (Fix a Flop Series part 1)

Episode 127 · February 25th, 2019 · 33 mins 16 secs

About this Episode

Today I want to normalize when you’re on the verge of what feels like a business catastrophe. I’m spilling the backstory of my latest launch – and how it had flop written all over it.

Often stories shared on podcasts are inspiring successes and include the “best of” side of entrepreneurship. It makes sense, it’s way more fun to talk about the highlights rather than the tough moments.

Real talk: it’s only a matter of time before something you offer doesn’t match your expectations.

I’ve recently launched my new course The 90 Day Planner Intensive. After an incredibly engaged and exciting webinar (the first of three) and I opened my email program to see… zero sales.

Uh oh, something was wrong and there was no time to panic, I needed to take action and fix it.

*In true C&C fashion, I’m taking you behind the scenes with me to learn how to:

  • Separate your business’ successes and challenges from your self-worth
  • Recognize when your launch is headed towards a flop, what to assess and start to fix it
  • Rally the support you have around you to problem solve and make the necessary changes

The good news?

After easefully filling my group coaching programs, my signature course Crickets to Customers as well as having a full roster of 1:1 clients over the past year, I can honestly say** I’ve learned more and gained more confidence by fixing my almost flop!**
Stay tuned for the next two parts of this series – next week I’ll share everything I did to fix my almost flop. Then after that I’ll go through a full post mortem of this whole process.