So You Flopped: Should You Rework It Or Scrap It & Move On? (Fix A Flop Series Part 3)

Episode 129 · March 11th, 2019 · 38 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

The final episode of my Fix a Flop Series is here!

Listen in to find out:

  • My final sign up results of my 90 Day Planner Intensive (and remember - I was starting at zero after a jam packed webinar on day one of my launch week!)
  • What allowed me to make the critical changes needed to affect the final outcome
  • Why accepting your worst scenario is non-negotiable when you’re up against a possible flop
  • My answer to a question that's come up a lot since this series began - “Steph - I put something out there and heard crickets. When should I just scrap my idea and move on?”

*Plus the biggest lesson I'll take with me out of this whole process... and how it will shape how I work in the future.