All About Podcasting + Productivity: Season One Q&A

Episode 13 · March 6th, 2017 · 43 mins 50 secs

About this Episode


I'm so excited to be back on the microphone today! 

Before we kick off Season 2 (it's DEEP in progress right now!), I thought we could take a step back and digest the jam-packed episodes of Season 1.

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I wanted to turn the mic over to you guys to see what you'd like me to go deeper on, and you asked some great Q's that I'm ready to A for ya (a few of these lovely guests even chimed in to help!)

Here are some big things we get into today, as requested by you guys!

  • What you need to know about starting a podcast (my experience with this show so far!)
  • How to get past bad days 
  • What to do about jealousy + comparison in business
  • Criteria for truly excellent morning + evening routines 
  • How to manage multiple revenue streams at once 
  • What to do about spouses / partners who aren't on board with your business
  • Tips for engaging with your community as you grow your social media