A Stress-Free Approach to Getting What You Want with Chase Reeves

Episode 14 · March 13th, 2017 · 1 hr 24 mins

About this Episode

Are you ready for this bonus episode?! It's a little out there and incredibly raw... and while it's a departure from the classic C&C format, I'm still a little electrified from this conversation. 

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As we prepare to kick off Season 2 of these podcast (YAY!), I was having a conversation with my teammate and friend, Chase Reeves. 

He asked me one important question:

"How do you want Courage & Clarity to feel?" 

The question gave me pause for a few different reasons.

First of all, it was refreshing. Questions like, "What should our goal be for this podcast?" often leave me scratching my head -- uhh, 1,000 people listen to it? A million people? Having Oprah on the show?? 

But how I want it to feel? That's a question I can actually answer. 

This conversation isn't about shirking results. Results are big time important mile markers -- I'm starting to see them as the guard rails that help ensure a project is on track. But I see them less and less as a guiding light. 

You see, "results" or "goals" as we traditionally define them are burdened with energy-draining traps laid by ego, comparison and doubt. Those goals want to keep us on the hamster wheel, chasing "success" without ever really feeling great.

You have to start with how you want it to feel, not just when it's over, but while you're creating. 

Here's how Chase put it:

"If you want some outcome, spend time practicing how you want that outcome to feel." 

I know it might feel like a stretch, but all the things you want to feel -- joy, competence, excitement, security, safety -- you don't have to wait to feel them. You can feel those things right now, before you reach "success" (<-- which, by the way, what the hell is this anyway?)

"This is about excavation, not education." That's another nugget of wisdom from Chase, and we go deep on finding your own internal guidance versus constantly relying on the pressures of what the world around you says you should do. 

This was such a cool conversation, and I can't wait to hear what you think. If it's not your cup of tea, I totally get it -- Episode 15 launches on Monday, and we're back to the Courage & Clarity format you know and love! 

Let's get into it -- I'm talking about how to take a stress-free approach to getting what you want with Chase!