Your Backup Plans Are Crushing Your Success

Episode 141 · June 17th, 2019 · 43 mins 46 secs

About this Episode

The second episode of the Summer Series is here! This episode is a must listen because many entrepreneurs place limitations and timelines on their dreams. While this may seem practical on a surface level, this way of thinking can sabotage your efforts.

This episode is NOT about being financially reckless or blindly taking the so called "leap" you often read about online.

This episode is a calling to you. To commit 100% to the inevitable success you'll see in your dreams, no matter how long, uncomfortable or non linear the path to get there is.

To help you bust through your limiting beliefs, you'll hear 7 tips to ensure your belief is unshakable + a fun and inspiring trick you can try today that I've personally used to see growth and success in my business.