Your First 100 Subscribers (No Frustration, Overwhelm or Begging!)

Episode 147 · July 29th, 2019 · 43 mins 59 secs

About this Episode

Tired of spinning in circles, trying ALL the things and not making traction? This Summer Series reboot is all about attracting your ideal audience, without overwhelm (and actually having fun while you do it!) Megan Hale and I give our best practical tips and mindset advice in this class Bizdom episode.

Whether you're after your first 100 subscribers or your next 100 subscribers, this conversation is a must listen.

Megan and I breakdown:

  • how to set better goals (instead of just chasing vanity metrics)
  • the problem with spreading yourself too thin and trying too many tactics and platforms at once
  • how to choose the right space for you to show up authentically in
  • our version of feel good marketing that will get you in your flow

Plus, I share 4 incredibly helpful questions to ask yourself when you feel like you've tried everything and none of it's working!