How Adrienne Dorison Quit Her Job & Paid Off a $48k Debt in 6 Months

Episode 16 · March 20th, 2017 · 41 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

Season 2 is HERE, and we're getting this party started with Adrienne Dorisonsuccess guru, money mentor and podcast host behind the School of Self-Mastery and The Pop-Up Podcast!

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In this Courage story, Adrienne shares the fascinating story of how her background in wildlife & forestry led her to launching a business that helps people double their business in half the time. 

Her dream of petting polar bears on a daily basis led her to a creativity-stifling job at a paper company... and landed her $48,000 in debt. 

Adrienne started blogging as a desperately needed creative outlet without really intending for it to turn into anything. She didn't think anyone was reading, and she certainly didn't realize she could parlay this into a real career path. 

By immersing herself in entrepreneurial communities, Adrienne learned what was possible and thus set her mind on side hustling her way to replacing her corporate job income. 

She ended up smashing this goal, and paying off her entire $48,000 debt in just 6 months. 

This is an awesome episode for anyone wanting to make a leap or transition who also feels held back by some obstacle or commitment -- debt, family, you name it. I can promise a hefty dose of inspiration, as well as some practical tips for making this kind of transition in your own life. 

After this episode, join me for Episode 16 with Adrienne (her clarity episode) -- she's teaching us how to get more done in less time by giving us a peek into the productivity process she uses to power her projects!