How Amanda Cook Used Corporate Marketing Experience to Power a Wellness Business (COURAGE)

Episode 18 · March 27th, 2017 · 39 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

This week I'm talking with Amanda Cook of Wellpreneur, digital marketing for the wellness industry. She helps health coaches, yoga teachers, personal trainers & nutritionists bring more of the right people to their websites and turn them into paying clients. 

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Sounds crisp and clean, like Amanda's really got her business together, right? 

It wasn't always this way, and in this Courage story, Amanda opens up about her days as a deflated corporate employee chasing a job overseas in pursuit of freedom. 

Initially thinking a career in health coaching was the answer, Amanda excitedly obtained her certification, started a blog and began working with clients only to realize this totally wasn't for her. 

After realizing that a new home in Paris nor a new career in health coaching would fill the void in her life, Amanda found herself majorly confused about what to do next. 

Somewhere along the way, someone told Amanda to "start looking at who’s already showing up in your business." 

What Amanda realized next was absolutely key: she had tons of friends coming to her for tech and marketing help, and she actually loved that stuff. 

She had closed the door on her corporate background in marketing without realizing there was another way to make it work in her own business. 


You'll have to join us for this conversation to hear:

  • the exact moment that things clicked for Amanda
  • How she figured out what services to offer after tearing her hair out doing work she hated
  • Why the clients started flowing when she was previously struggling
  • .... and what advice she'd offer her former self.