Identify Your Strengths & Create a Unique Business with Katie Proctor (CLARITY)

Episode 22 · April 17th, 2017 · 39 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

Have you ever found yourself wondering with questions like:

 "How do I figure out what I'm really good at?"

"What are my strengths?"

"How do other people see me?"

"How do I create a business that's uniquely me?"

We've all asked these questions a million times over because it's hard to see ourselves as others see us. 

Sometimes when we're really good at something, when it comes easily to us, it doesn't even feel like a strength. The truth is, other people can't do that thing like you can. So in today's Clarity episode, we talk about exactly how to leverage "your thing".

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Here's what we get into today, and guys, it's a juicy one:

  • Why getting better at your weaknesses is bad advice, and what you should do instead to grow exponentially 
  • Where burnout REALLY comes from, and how knowing + using your strengths prevents it
  • How to figure out what you're even good at in the first place
  • How to use your unique strengths to differentiate your business
  • How to take your top strengths & translate them into actual revenue

We also talk about a real example of one of Katie's big strengths, and how she made a shift in her business model to capitalize on that. 

After you listen, I'd love to hear from you on instagram: Do you think you should try to improve your weaknesses? OR is it better to cut your losses and go all in on your strengths? 



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