How to Stop "Chasing Next" with Katie Proctor (COURAGE)

Episode 23 · April 17th, 2017 · 50 mins 42 secs

About this Episode

In this week's Courage story, Katie Proctor shares her journey from a corporate marketer, to health & fitness coaching to where she is today -- helping fellow Registered Dietitians create thriving businesses.  

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In this episode, Katie shares:

  • How she faced the harsh realization that corporate wasn't for her, even after spending lots of time & money getting her MBA
  • How incorporating her own fitness transformation into her coaching powered her business
  • Exactly how to get your partner on board with your business dreams, and the key to handling personal relationships as an entrepreneur 
  • The importance of sharing ourselves authentically, and what's at risk if we don't start hitting publish 

In addition, Katie and I jam on the idea of being brave for just 5 seconds at a time, and how we've both found our entire lives have shifted when we push ourselves to publish scary things.

There's so much to learn here from Katie's ability to recognize she was "chasing next" -- next job, next degree, next pat on the back for doing a "good job". 

Today, instead of seeking praise and significance from large companies that may or may not validate her, Katie has built her own platform for sharing her message and she's carved out a space where she can be an influencer. 

It's a great story -- and next up, Katie joins me in Episode 23 to talk about finding your strengths and using them to create a business that's as unique as you are. 



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