How a Failed Blog Created a Thriving Business with Christina Scalera (COURAGE)

Episode 3 · January 16th, 2017 · 39 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

"I know exactly why my business wasn't clicking: I wasn't resonating."
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Today's edition of Courage features the wonderful, sweet & well-spoken Christina Scalera, attorney for creative entrepreneurs. 

(Psst, are you new to this podcast? This show is all about helping you find the courage & the clarity to after what you love. Each guest joins me for two episodes: courage (the VISION) & clarity (the PROCESS). More on that over here in Episode 1.) 

Christina takes us back to her first job out of law school which was, in theory, her "dream job". After chasing goal after goal for so many years, she finally "arrived" at this destination and felt... dissatisfied. 

From daydreaming about creating jewelry, food blogging and becoming a professional Yelp reviewer, Christina knew she wanted to try her hand at entrepreneurship. Not knowing what she had to offer, she decided to become a certified yoga instructor and launch a health & wellness blog. 

Spoiler alert: she failed, miserably. 

With this initial try at business building, Christina was met with resistance at every turn. It felt hard. She tells us about how bored she felt creating "just another green smoothie recipe"... and what happened when she started sharing her expertise instead. 

What happened next is truly inspiring and refreshing. You don't want to miss this conversation -- Christina is so open about the twists & turns of her journey, and she's sharing lessons learned the hard way (so you don't have to!)

Join me for this down-to-earth chat with Christina Scalera. The way she talks about her current business reminds me of a favorite cozy sweater: comfortable, natural and a perfect fit. 

After this chat, head on over to Episode 4: Christina's Clarity episode, where she teaches us how to make sure our businesses are legit with "Legal Essentials for Business Builders"!