Ep 035 // How Two Best Friends Who Hated Work Got Unstuck with Rachel & Kristen of Clarity on Fire (Courage)

Episode 35 · June 5th, 2017 · 46 mins 20 secs

About this Episode

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It's the grand finale of Season 2 of the Courage & Clarity podcast, and I couldn't imagine two more perfect guests for playing us out with a bang. This week I'm joined by Rachel East and Kristen Walker of Clarity on Fire, two incredible career & life coaches for millennial who feel stuck. 


I've been following Rachel & Kristen for a long time now (I mentioned them a while ago on The Fizzle Show as one of my very favorite emails I get each week -- and I'm only subscribed to a few!) 

I was excited to "meet" Rachel & Kristen, but what I couldn't know in advance was how much fun they were to talk to and how effortlessly we connected via the airwaves. It was kind of magical, guys, and I hope you can hear it too! 

In this Courage episode, we're digging into how these two best friends started a business together in the first place, starting all the way back at the beginning for each of them individually. 

Some of the highlights you'll hear: 

  • How to assess whether you should go into business with your BFF - or anyone else for that matter! 
  • Why your reality might not be completely true, and the way your current circumstances may be playing tricks on you
  • What happens when you challenge the way you've always seen the world (hint: amazing transformation!)
  • What it's like when you know this can't be it, but you have no idea what to do next (aka, feeling totally stuck) 
  • How being young & naive might actually be a good thing sometimes
  • Why Rachel, Kristen nor I have no interest in being a #girlboss (and what we're all doing instead!)