Legal Essentials for Business Builders with Christina Scalera (CLARITY)

Episode 4 · January 16th, 2017 · 38 mins 20 secs

About this Episode

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Welcome to episode 4! It’s the second half of my conversation with Christina Scalera, the fantastic attorney for creatives. 

Today’s topic is such an important one because I know lots of entrepreneurs have questions on how the heck they can make sure they are running a legit business.

What I love about Christina in this episode is she really makes complex things simple, approachable and comfortable — she shares what we really need to know, and I promise it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. :)

Christina shares the most common questions she gets from her clients, and she covers crucial topics like:

  • Do I need my legal entity in place in order to get started? 
  • The importance of contracts in your business (this one is huge, whether you're a service provider or you offer products!)
  • Some examples of what can happen when entrepreneurs don't have contracts in place
  • How to handle ending a client relationship seamlessly, without the awkwardness
  • How to send contracts the easy & painless way
  • What you need to know about LLCs, business bank accounts & Tax ID numbers

So whether your business is just a baby and you’re getting everything set up, OR you’re more established as an entrepreneur, there’s something for you in this conversation.

I am definitely a “wing it and figure it out later” type of person as I tend to favor action over getting stuck before getting started, but Christina really makes a strong case for making sure some basic legal building blocks are in place to protect you as the business owner AND your customers or clients. 

If you’re new to this podcast, maybe this is your first time listening, here’s the deal...

This show is all about helping you find the courage and clarity to go after what you love.

It's a little different from other shows because I’m breaking up each of my conversations with amazing female entrepreneurs into two parts.

There’s the COURAGE portion, where we get into the deep dark moments that led to success, and the CLARITY portion, where my guests shed light on some hugely important topics to help all of us with our businesses and projects. 

Now right now you’re listening to my CLARITY conversation with Christina, where we get into legal essentials for business building.

If you missed the COURAGE episode, I definitely recommend skipping back to episode 3 because Christina’s story is SO relatable and helpful, and it really sets the stage for today’s conversation.

So let’s get into it -- we’re talking legal essentials for business builders!