Hustling an Expertise-Based Business to Profitability with Claire Pelletreau (COURAGE)

Episode 6 · January 23rd, 2017 · 33 mins 3 secs

About this Episode

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"I had this thing that I wanted to do, but I never would have done it if this hadn't happened to me..."  

This week's set of Courage & Clarity episodes features two fantastic, straight-to-the-point conversations with the brilliant Facebook Ads expert Claire Pelletreau. 

(Psst, are you new to this podcast? This show is all about helping you find the courage & the clarity to after what you love. Each guest joins me for two episodes: courage (the VISION) & clarity (the PROCESS). More on that over here in Episode 1.) 

Claire takes us back to the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey when she was working for Laura Roeder and learning the ins & outs of online marketing.

She describes this time in her career as "getting a Master's Degree with someone else's money" -- she got to play around, experiment and test things without having to absorb all the risk that comes along with it. 

Claire was learning a lot, and she was really comfortable right where she was.

In fact, Claire shares that she can envision a reality where she never left this job, quietly tamping down the big scary entrepreneurial dreams in the back of her head. 

But she did leave that job ... when the bottom totally dropped out. 

Suddenly she was faced with making a completely unexpected decision: would she seek comfort in the form of finding another steady job, or would she finally answer the call to try her hand at entrepreneurship and go out on her own? 

Claire's turning point moment, when her side business became her only business, forced her out of that safe space of earning steady paychecks and into the realm of being her own boss.

With student loans to pay and a wedding looming in the distance, she had to figure out how to get clients fast. 

Claire shares what it was like to be completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, and how she would have tweaked her strategy knowing what she knows now. 

Join me for this honest conversation with Claire Pelletreau. She really puts everything out there from failures to wins in the kind of natural and relatable way that reminds me of catching up over a cup of coffee.

After this chat, head on over to Episode 6: Claire's Clarity episode, "How to Spend $40 a Month on Facebook Ads that Actually Work"!