How to Shift Work From "Stressful" to "Safe Space", Even When Life Feels Insane with Arianna Taboada (Courage)

Episode 64 · November 6th, 2017 · 44 mins 12 secs

About this Episode

In this Courage episode, I'm talking to Arianna Taboada, a Maternal Health Consultant for Entrepreneurs who helps ease the collision between business and babies!

I can't articulate how important and compelling I believe Arianna's work is having gone through "la pequeña muerte" myself.

In this episode we go deeper into Arianna's work, her recent trans-international move prompted by violence & conflict, and how she streamlined her income to become the sole bread winner while moving in with her parents and dealing with her grandmother's death.

... Whoa, I felt exhausted just TYPING that.

Arianna's been through a lot, but despite the upheaval she has a refreshing perspective on the role work can play during times of personal chaos. She's got me challenging how I view my own work, and I hope you take the same thing away from this conversation!