Taking a Chance on Business & Romance in a New City with Blair Staky (COURAGE)

Episode 7 · January 30th, 2017 · 31 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

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Hello & welcome to Episode 7! We're officially halfway through Season One of this podcast -- you guys having fun yet?!

With me this week is Blair Staky, successful fashion blogger at The Fox & She and former designer specializing in blogs for other stylish lifestyle bloggers.

We’ve heard from women who had no safety net and had to make entrepreneurship work in order to make money. This week’s story is an especially interesting one because it’s the total opposite. 

This is a story about a girl who had a pretty easy, comfortable backup plan that could have easily been her entire life’s work -- and it basically dropped into her lap because it was a family business. 

It's remarkable that Blair decided to step off the "easy" path, and onto the turbulent path of starting a design business from scratch in a city where she knew exactly 1 person. 

I usually do my interviews over Skype, but since Blair lives in Chicago I had her over to my house for this chat. I hope you can tell it’s just two girls hanging out over a couple of microphones, and we get into romance as well as business.

In this story we jump RIGHT into it. I start by asking Blair to tell us about where he story begins, in Dallas.

While working for her dad, Blair started designing a few websites on the side. 

After kindling a relationship her then-boyfriend (now-husband!) Rob on a trip with friends through Europe, Blair returned home where some seriously tough questions awaited her: Should she follow Rob to Chicago (where she knew absolutely no one)? If she did move, should she get a job or really try to make her business work?

This conversation is perfect for anyone trying to work up the nerve to make a bold choice, even when the path of least resistance lay neatly in front of you. 

Blair is so relaxed and transparent in this episode. This was actually my very first interview and to be honest I was still figuring out what this show was going to be. Recording Blair and her story definitely helped me shape my vision for this show, so for that I owe Blair a big thanks for pioneering this new concept with me. 

Enjoy the story of Blair's adventure -- I'm wishing you the courage & clarity to go after what you love!